By Alliesha Reber on November 20, 2020

Why 1 Swimming Lesson A Week Won't Save Your Child

Over the years I've chatted with hundreds of parents who are trying to find the right swim program for their kids.

Whether your looking for Survival swimming or a class to just help your little one feel comfortable in the water, the most important thing you can do as a parent is scheduling!

Thats right, 90% of parents I speak with do not realize how important scheduling is.

Any company that tells you one lesson a week is going to cut it, is lying!

Here's why, most children cannot succeed if they are only in the water with their teacher one day a week. We call this a Maintenance Program.

If you start off only coming to lessons once a week you're not going to see much progress, if any at all. Your kiddos will be maintaining the skills they currently have.

Think about other activities your child may be in, piano, dance, soccer... How often are they at practice with team mates and coaches? How often are they at home practicing? Would your child only practice a new dance 4 times and then be expected to rock a performance? Of course not!

Swimming is a Life-Saving skill. What ever your motives are for signing up, make sure you're setting your child up to excel!

Here are my tips for you:

  • Children 4 and under need to come 3-5 times a week.
    • For the very best results, we want to see them every day for the first 2-4 weeks.
    • In that time frame you're going to see progress day after day. Your child is going to establish a routine, start forming positive habits in the water, and build confidence and more importantly a respect for the water!
  • Children 5 and up do best with around 10 lessons as close together as you possible.
    • At this age there needs to be a lot more explaining and conversation with each individual child.
    • Typically after those 10 we can cut down to 1-3 time a week.

Practice doesn't make perfect.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Consistency is Key! If you are going to spend your money on life saving skills why not get the most out of it?

Whether you join us here at Aquatics Academy or not, be sure to take this information when you are analyzing your potential swim program.

WE hold this core concept close. Our "do-it-yourself" scheduler allows you to go in and customize your swimming lesson schedule so you can develop a custom plan that you and your instructor discuss and plan out together.

We don't want anyone to feel like that have spent money and are not seeing the results that they wanted. If you have any questions or comments about wanting to get started or questions about your current program and want to just chat about it, leave us a comment or send us a message and we want to continue to help kids become more safe around water!

Published by Alliesha Reber November 20, 2020