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By Alliesha Reber on May 10, 2021

Let's get real about what lifejackets do for your child.

By Alliesha Reber
on January 28, 2021

10 years ago, you had never heard of survival style swimming lessons. You either attended group lessons at your local Rec center or your parents taught you how to swim. In the last decade the industry has evolved; now you have options when it comes to your child's swimming lessons. So how do you choose? I face the challenge of educating potential clients on a daily basis, So here are 5 things you should consider when shopping for swim lessons!

By Alliesha Reber
on January 26, 2021

I'm naturally a very observant person, and over the years this job has allowed me to really refine that analytical eye. And when developing our program into what it is today, that has been something that really puts us ahead of the competition. It's the details, it's the little things we perfect that result in fundamentally better swim skills. 

By Alliesha Reber
on January 05, 2021

When I became a mom I knew I wanted to have my kids participated in sports and activities. Now that I have 3 boys- sports and extra circulars are a must to get my kids out of my house before they tear it down! Did you know swimming is the only sport you can start at 4 months of age?